God Gave Them Over: Moral Decline & Romans 1

Thoughts and Reflections

To ring in the new year here in Sydney, I like to watch the fireworks. They always set off a fiery cascade tumbling down from the bridge into the harbour, which is pretty awesome, even though I’ve inevitably become desensitized to the novelty over the years. A TV broadcast covers the evening’s official entertainment: usually some B-grade TV personality spends hours roaming the crowd getting vox pops of party-goers in the lead up to the midnight fireworks, and as the night progresses, the crowd gets rowdier. People push their way in front of the camera yelling drunken frivolities; kissing, dancing, and miming obscenities while exposing anĀ indecent amount of flesh. Of course, this is only the tame stuff that’s fit for family viewing. Everyone knows the real stuff happens later on, and in the morning, they all wake up with hangovers and regrets. Happy new year.

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